About Us

Hi! We are Amanda & Leo ten Bruggencate, and we started working as professional brochure retailers in 2004.

When our first son was a year old, Amanda decided she didn’t want to return to full time work following her maternity leave. We were fortunate enough to stumble across a great brochure led network marketing company. Our amazing team leader helped us to quickly establish a profitable customer base, then selling predominantly cleaning products.

Having started off only looking to earn £50 a week, we soon realised the amazing potential network marketing had to offer. Just a few short months after starting, Leo quit his job and we both worked the business full time together. We were devastated when after 14 years this company went into administration.


We were determined not to let our efforts go to waste.  When our team leader introduced us to the new company they had joined – Avon – we jumped at the chance to join them, and haven’t looked back since!

Our longstanding customers were remarkably receptive to the Avon brochure and the fantastic products which are available both in the brochure and online.  It is such a pleasure to provide this Avon service to so many people around our neighbourhood and beyond.

Our children are now teenagers, and the daily routine of school & college runs, meals, kids taxi service, Scouts and bedtimes would be all but impossible without the flexibility Avon has given us.

It is not just about the income we are making but the lifestyle we enjoy and the team who have become our friends.

We are so excited for our future with Avon.  If you would like to learn more about the Avon business, we would love to hear from you!

Just fill in your details on our online form and we will send you more information.

Hope to hear from you soon

Amanda & Leo xx